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Cubase 7 Team Air HOT!

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Cubase 7 Team Air

Download Zip:

Toprak collaborated closely with the TNF production team - including Jared Stacy, Prime Video's director of Global Live Sports Production, and Fred Gaudelli, executive producer of Thursday Night Football on Prime Video - to create a pulsating and uplifting score. The music will set the stage for the streamer's exclusive wraparound coverage, accompany the in-game broadcast, and elevate the viewing experience each Thursday night throughout the season.

"It has been a tremendous honor and pleasure to be a part of Thursday Night Football, working alongside the inspiring teams at Prime Video," said Toprak. "Our goal was to create a memorable theme that is both current and timeless. We leaned on the big brass and muscular energy of legacy scores, in combination with unique, lyrical moments, to achieve a feeling of heart and soul. I could not be more excited to share this new anthem with the world, and hope it will connect with fans and players alike as we make TNF history."

Kicking off September 15, Prime Video will become the first streaming service to air a season-long exclusive national broadcast package with the NFL. The 11-year deal includes 15 regular-season games and one preseason game per year, with Prime Video also delivering new pregame, halftime, and postgame shows as well as fan-favorite interactive features like X-Ray and Next Gen Stats powered by AWS. Viewers can stream from the web at or by using the Prime Video app, which is available on smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, game consoles, and connected TVs. Each Thursday Night Football game will also stream live on Twitch and will be available on over-the-air TV stations in the two home markets of the competing teams. For all the latest information regarding TNF on Prime Video, visit and follow NFL on Prime on Twitter. To join Prime or start a free 30-day trial, visit 350c69d7ab


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