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Buying Cars At Auction In Texas

Our inventory varies from auction to auction. We average 125-200 vehicles per auction. The selection is wide and includes cars, SUVs, minivans and much more. Please view our car and boat lists online at noon every Friday for an up to date list.

buying cars at auction in texas

Anyone selling, trading, or buying 5 or more cars, trailers, and motorcycles as a business needs a dealer license in Texas. A person who is only buying a car does not need one. However, if that person buys multiple vehicles to resell them at a later date, he or she would need to be a licensed dealer. This is because that person is engaging in a practice which is consistent with a car dealership.

All over the U.S., you can find car dealer auctions open to the public. That means buying cars at auction prices is an option for just about anyone, even if you don't have a dealer's license. If you're interested in buying cars at wholesale prices, take a look at our car auction guide to find out how to buy the car you want at auction, just like a dealer.

Car dealer auctions are open only to those with a dealer license issued by the state. You can get your own dealer license if you wish, but the process can be long and difficult. Each state has its own set of requirements for car dealer licensing, usually with a set number of cars you must buy and sell each year to qualify.

Buying, modifying and reselling cars bought at car dealer auctions can turn you a tidy profit. But if you only plan on buying cars for yourself, it's probably best to buy from auctions that are open to the public instead.

At Central Texas Auction Services, our marketing strategy is simple. We match the right buyers with the right inventory at the right time to realize the best price! We utilize a proven marketing approach to obtain the highest level of visibility for your unwanted inventory. We target our approach by industry and previous buying behaviors. We are driven by our desire to provide value for buyers and sellers. Contact us to discuss selling items you are ready to part with and for information on our upcoming auctions.

Successful contractors understand that buying brand new machinery is expensive! It creates large overhead that your organization may not be ready for. At Central Texas Auction Services, our construction and industrial equipment auctions provide an affordable avenue for contractors to purchase pre-owned construction equipment for a fraction of the cost of new. This allows growing businesses the opportunity to build their construction equipment inventory at a pace and price they can afford. And if you have construction equipment and industrial machinery to sell because you find yourself in need of downsizing your current operations, updating your used heavy equipment or any other reason, Central Texas Auction Services provide a convenient turn-key solution. Rather than letting unused heavy equipment sit and depreciate in value, let us market your unutilized construction and other heavy equipment items to potential buyers in the market for these items. Our proven, extensive marketing campaigns and network of interested purchasers will help you to sell quickly.

Fleet vehicles tend to be more than two years old and in most cases, the cars, vans or trucks have minimal options but have been satisfactorily maintained. Many dealers feel comfortable purchasing these units at auction.

Program cars are all current model year units and most are still under factory warranty. Often the manufacturers sell these vehicles in closed auctions only to their franchised dealers. This gives the factory's dealers first pick at current model year, quality used vehicles. Program cars also give the dealer an opportunity to put a customer who cannot afford a brand new vehicle into a current year used vehicle and thus possibly save the sale for the brand.

Arbitration Arbitration is a valuable service provided by the auctions to protect the interests of both buyers and sellers to assure the vehicle in any transaction has been properly represented. An individual employed by the auction company, which is a neutral party in the buying and selling process, arbitrates any disputes. Arbitration time limits vary by auction. Certain conditions such as undisclosed frame damage, a repaired frame or rebuilt cars must be arbitrated within set time periods.

In this article, we are going to go over car auction prices vs retail. So, how much cheaper are cars at dealer auctions? How much do cars usually cost at an auction and what are the average dealer auction prices?

You must post a Buyers Guide before you display a vehicle for sale or let a customer inspect it for the purpose of buying it, even if the car is not fully prepared for delivery. You also must display a Buyers Guide on used vehicles for sale on your lot through consignment, power of attorney, or other agreement. At public auctions, dealers and the auction company must comply. The Rule does not apply at auctions that are closed to consumers. 041b061a72


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