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How to Dominate the Battle Arena with These Strategy Games for Android

Strategy Games for Android: How to Test Your Brain and Have Fun

Strategy games are one of the oldest and most popular genres of video games. They require you to use your brain to plan, execute, and adapt to different situations. You can play as a leader, a commander, a thief, a monkey, or even a chess piece. The possibilities are endless.

strategy game android

Android is a great platform for strategy games, as it offers a wide variety of titles that suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you want to build an empire, defend a tower, sneak around, or challenge your friends, there is a strategy game for you on Android.

In this article, we will review some of the best strategy games for Android in 2023, and explain why they are worth playing. We will also discuss the benefits of playing strategy games on Android, and how to choose the right one for you. Let's get started!

The Best Strategy Games for Android in 2023

Bad North: A Real-Time Tactics Roguelite

Bad North is one of those unique games that comes along every so often and wows us all. The developers describe it as a real-time tactics roguelite, which suits it quite well. It's a challenging game, make no mistake, and even the win state isn't all that happy.

Best strategy games for Android 2023

Turn-based civilization game for Android

Real-time tactics roguelite game for Android

Tower defense game with monkeys and balloons

Stealth card game with medieval theme

Chess game with AI and online multiplayer

Dungeon building and defense game for Android

Simulation game with city management and development

Collectible card game based on The Witcher universe

Stealth horror game with neighbor AI

Fantasy strategy game with turn-based combat

Puzzle game with digging and mining mechanics

Card game based on League of Legends

Sandbox strategy game with pixel art graphics

Real-time strategy game with mushroom armies

Card game with roguelike elements and fantasy theme

Historical strategy game with Roman empire setting

Tower defense game with cute characters and enemies

Simulation game with island management and politics

Tactical strategy game with aliens and soldiers

Civilization clone game for Android

Strategy RPG game with Fire Emblem characters

Racing management simulation game for Android

Viking-themed real-time strategy game for Android

Strategy simulation game with disease outbreak scenarios

Retro-style real-time strategy game for Android

Medieval castle siege strategy game for Android

Online multiplayer strategy games by Supercell

War strategy games based on Total War franchise

Open source civilization game for Android

Sci-fi strategy game with space battles and exploration

Prison escape strategy simulation game for Android

Greek mythology-themed strategy puzzle game for Android

Post-apocalyptic strategy survival game for Android

Strategy card game with anime characters and stories

Strategy trivia game with online opponents and chat

Naval warfare strategy simulation game for Android

Zombie survival strategy game with base building and crafting

Strategy board game with hexagonal tiles and animals

Strategy word game with crossword puzzles and anagrams

Medieval fantasy strategy MMO game for Android

Strategy cooking game with time management and recipes

Strategy golf game with physics and obstacles

Strategy RPG game with gacha mechanics and anime style

Strategy puzzle game with match-three mechanics and gems

See, you're trying to defend your island home from a host of Norse invaders. They'll come at you fast and brutal, ensuring that you're kept on the edge of your seat as you fight just to survive. All of this pairs nicely with the cutesy art style. It's a pretty game that lulls you into a false sense of security.

Bad North is a premium game, meaning you pay once and you're done. It's a low cost to entry, too, and you'll get plenty of enjoyment out of it. Go ahead and give it a shot, see if you can survive the Viking onslaught.

The Battle of Polytopia: A Turn-Based Civilization Game

If you're a fan of the Civilization franchise, you just have to check out The Battle for Polytopia. This indie game features polygon tribes battling for control of the battle arena. The game features simple turn-based gameplay that's quick and easy to pick up and play.

Each turn, you collect stars based on the number and size of the cities you control, which you can spend on upgrading your tribe's technology tree, building troops, or collecting resources. You must be wise with how you spend your resources and position your troops on your turn.

There are multiple ways to play. For solo play , you can choose from four game modes: Perfection, Domination, Creative, or Pass & Play. Perfection and Domination are the most popular modes, where you have to score the highest or conquer all the tribes within a certain number of turns. Creative mode lets you create your own custom map and scenario. Pass & Play mode lets you play with your friends on the same device.

For multiplayer, you can join online games with up to 15 human or AI players, and play in real-time or with a turn timer. You can also join the Polytopia community of online players who create their own maps and scenarios for others to enjoy.

The Battle of Polytopia is a free-to-play game, but you can unlock more tribes and support the developer by buying them as in-app purchases. Each tribe has its own unique culture, starting technology, and special abilities. Experiment with different tribes and strategies to find your favorite.

Bloons TD 6: A Tower Defense Game with Monkeys

Bloons TD 6 is the latest installment in the popular Bloons Tower Defense series. It's a colorful and fun game where you have to stop the invading balloons (called bloons) from reaching the end of the track. You do this by placing various types of monkeys along the track, each with their own unique weapons and abilities.

The game features over 40 original maps, each with its own challenges and strategies. You can also create your own custom maps using the in-game editor, or download maps created by other players. The game also has over 100 meta-upgrades that give your monkeys new powers and let you customize your defense.

Bloons TD 6 is a paid game, but it's well worth the price. It offers hours of gameplay, with 10 difficulty settings, 21 monkey towers, 5 heroes, and 3 game modes: Standard, Alternate Bloons Rounds, and Impoppable. You can also play co-op mode with up to three other players online.

Card Thief: A Stealth Card Game

Card Thief is a unique game that combines stealth mechanics with card gameplay. You play as a thief who has to sneak through a series of locations, avoiding guards, traps, and torches. You do this by moving cards on a 3x3 grid, trying to reach the exit card while collecting as much loot as possible.

The game is not as easy as it sounds, though. You have to manage your stealth points, which decrease when you move or when you are spotted by enemies. You also have to use various equipment cards, such as cloaks, lockpicks, or smoke bombs, to help you escape tricky situations. The game has a lot of depth and strategy, requiring you to think carefully before every move.

Card Thief is a free-to-play game, but it has optional in-app purchases that let you unlock more content and remove ads. The game has four different heists to complete, each with its own theme and challenges. You can also try the daily challenges and the leaderboards to test your skills against other players.

Chess by AI Factory Limited: A Classic Board Game with Smart AI

Chess is one of the oldest and most famous strategy games in history. It's a game of logic, skill, and tactics, where you have to checkmate your opponent's king using your pieces. Chess is a game that never gets old, as there are countless possible moves and outcomes in every game.

If you're looking for a good chess app for Android, look no further than Chess by AI Factory Limited. This app has everything you need to enjoy chess on your phone or tablet. It has a smart AI engine that can challenge you at any level of difficulty, from beginner to expert. It also has a variety of modes and features, such as puzzles, achievements, statistics, themes, and more.

Chess by AI Factory Limited is a free-to-play game, but it has ads that can be removed by buying the premium version. The premium version also gives you access to more board styles and pieces. Whether you're a chess novice or a chess master, this app will keep you entertained and sharpen your mind.

The Benefits of Playing Strategy Games on Android

Strategy Games Improve Your Cognitive Skills

One of the main benefits of playing strategy games on Android is that they improve your cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are mental abilities that help you process information, solve problems, make decisions, and learn new things. Some examples of cognitive skills are memory, attention, logic, reasoning, and spatial awareness.

Strategy games are excellent for enhancing these skills, as they require you to think strategically, plan ahead, analyze situations, and adapt to changing circumstances. By playing strategy games on Android, you can train your brain to become faster, sharper, and more efficient.

Strategy Games Enhance Your Creativity and Problem-Solving Abilities

Another benefit of playing strategy games on Android is that they enhance your creativity and problem-solving abilities. Creativity is the ability


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