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Komodo Dragon Chess Engine: Free Download and Installation Guide

Komodo Dragon Chess Engine: What Is It and How to Download It for Free

If you are a chess enthusiast, you have probably heard of chess engines, computer programs that can analyze chess positions and play chess at a superhuman level. Among the many chess engines available, one of the most popular and powerful ones is Komodo Dragon, a world champion chess engine that uses neural network technology to play like a grandmaster. In this article, you will learn what Komodo Dragon is, why it is one of the best chess engines in the world, and how to download it for free.

What Is Komodo Dragon Chess Engine?

Komodo Dragon is a chess engine developed by Komodo Chess, which is a part of It is also known as Dragon or Komodo Dragon. It is a UCI (Universal Chess Interface) compatible engine, which means that it can work with any UCI-compatible chess GUI (Graphical User Interface), such as ChessBase, Fritz, Aquarium, etc.

komodo dragon chess engine free download

Download File:

The History and Development of Komodo Dragon

The original authors of Komodo were Don Dailey and GM Larry Kaufman. Dailey was a computer scientist and chess programmer who created several chess engines, such as RexChess, Socrates, and Crafty. Kaufman is a grandmaster and a former world senior champion who has contributed to the development of several chess engines, such as Rybka, Zappa, and Fritz. Dailey and Kaufman started working on Komodo in 2009, and released the first version in 2010. Dailey passed away in 2013, but Kaufman continued to work on Komodo with Mark Lefler, another computer scientist and chess programmer.

Komodo has won several computer chess championships, such as the World Computer Chess Championship (WCCC), the World Chess Software Championship (WCSC), the Top Chess Engine Championship (TCEC), and the Computer Chess Rating List (CCRL). It has also played against human grandmasters, such as GM Hikaru Nakamura, GM Wesley So, GM Fabiano Caruana, GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, etc.

In 2020, Komodo introduced a new version called Dragon by Komodo Chess, which uses NNUE (Neural Network Updated Efficiently) technology. NNUE is a type of neural network that was originally developed for shogi (Japanese chess), but was adapted for chess by Stockfish, another strong chess engine. NNUE allows the engine to evaluate chess positions more accurately and efficiently by learning from millions of games. Komodo has trained its NNUE network based on its own evaluation function, which has a lot of chess knowledge built-in by Kaufman. The result is a huge improvement in strength and style over the previous versions of Komodo.

The Features and Strengths of Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon has many features and strengths that make it one of the best chess engines in the world. Some of them are:

  • It has a very high Elo rating, estimated at over 3700 on one thread and over 3800 on multiple threads. This means that it can beat almost any human player, even the world champion Magnus Carlsen.

  • It has a very balanced and human-like style, which means that it can play both positional and tactical chess, depending on the situation. It can also switch between different modes and personalities, such as aggressive, defensive, solid, dynamic, etc.

  • It has a very deep and wide search, which means that it can look at many moves and variations, and find the best move in complex positions. It can also use multiple cores and threads to speed up the search.

  • It has a very rich and flexible evaluation function, which means that it can assess the value of different factors in chess, such as material, pawn structure, king safety, space, mobility, etc. It can also adjust the evaluation based on the phase of the game (opening, middlegame, endgame) and the type of position (open, closed, etc.).

  • It has a very powerful and accurate NNUE network, which means that it can learn from its own games and improve its performance over time. It can also use different NNUE networks for different purposes, such as analysis, training, playing, etc.

The Differences Between Komodo Dragon and Other Chess Engines

Komodo Dragon is not the only chess engine that uses NNUE technology. There are other chess engines that also use NNUE, such as Stockfish, Leela Chess Zero (LCZero), Ethereal, etc. However, Komodo Dragon has some differences and advantages over these engines. Some of them are:

  • Komodo Dragon has a unique NNUE network that is based on its own evaluation function. This means that it has more chess knowledge and understanding than other NNUE engines, which rely more on raw data and statistics.

  • Komodo Dragon has a more human-like style than other NNUE engines, which tend to be more extreme and computer-like. This means that Komodo Dragon is more suitable for analysis and training purposes, as it can explain its moves and ideas better than other NNUE engines.

  • Komodo Dragon has a more balanced and adaptable style than other NNUE engines, which tend to be more fixed and rigid. This means that Komodo Dragon can play better in different types of positions and situations than other NNUE engines.

How to Download Komodo Dragon Chess Engine for Free?

If you want to try Komodo Dragon chess engine for yourself, you might be wondering how to download it for free. The good news is that Komodo Chess offers a free version of Komodo Dragon for anyone who wants to use it. The bad news is that the free version is not the latest or the strongest version of Komodo Dragon. It is an older version that has some limitations and restrictions compared to the paid version. However, it is still a very strong and useful chess engine that you can use for playing and analyzing chess.

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The Official Website of Komodo Chess

The official website of Komodo Chess is , where you can find all the information and products related to Komodo Dragon chess engine. You can also follow Komodo Chess on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

On the website of Komodo Chess, you can find two main categories of products: subscriptions and downloads. Subscriptions are monthly or yearly plans that give you access to the latest and strongest versions of Komodo Dragon chess engine, as well as other features and benefits such as cloud analysis, online play, updates, support, etc. Downloads are one-time purchases that give you access to specific versions of Komodo Dragon chess engine, as well as other products such as books, courses, GUIs (Graphical User Interfaces), etc.

The Steps to Download and Install Komodo Dragon

If you want to download the free version of Komodo Dragon chess engine, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to , which is the page where you can find the free download of Komodo 14 chess engine. This is an older version of Komodo Dragon that was released in 2020.

  • Click on the "Add to Cart" button and then click on the "Checkout" button. You will be asked to enter your email address and name. You will also see a message that says "Your order is free. No payment is required."

  • Click on the "Complete order" button. You will receive an email with a link to download your product.

  • Click on the link in your email and download the file named "". This is a compressed file that contains the Komodo 14 chess engine and a readme file with instructions.

  • Extract the file to a folder of your choice. You will see two files: "komodo-14-64bit.exe" and "readme.txt". The first file is the executable file of the Komodo 14 chess engine, and the second file is the readme file with instructions.

  • Read the readme file carefully and follow the instructions. You will need a UCI-compatible chess GUI (Graphical User Interface) to use Komodo 14 chess engine. You can use any chess GUI that supports UCI, such as ChessBase, Fritz, Aquarium, etc. You will also need to activate Komodo 14 chess engine with a serial number that you can find in the readme file.

The Requirements and Compatibility of Komodo Dragon

If you want to use Komodo Dragon chess eng


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