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How To Buy Tesla Model 3 PATCHED

The price cuts apply to vehicles sold in the United States and range from 6% to 20% reductions for Model 3 and Model Y SUVs and some higher-end models. Tesla made similar reductions in Europe and dropped prices on its cars in China last week.

how to buy tesla model 3

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The Tesla Model 3 was launched in 2017 and over the following year or delvieries started in different countries. The model was Teslas first high volume model and there are now thousands of used examples on the market in many countries. There have however bee been many alterations to the model, both in terms of specification and where in the world they are made. We run through the history, the options, what we think are the common issues and make some suggestions on what to buy.

You may already know the Model 3 is the car you want, and we have a guide to the Tesla model differences. It is worth reflecting briefly on the other choices for similar money especially if you're looking at new or nearly new Model 3 cars. You'd buy a used Model S over a Model 3 if you wanted more space and comfort. While one of the initial claims of the Model 3 over the Model S was that it came with "newer technology", thisis only partly true. The older Model S can have the MCU (media screen) upgraded if it was of the older type, and Tesla will also upgrade the Autopilot hardware. The 2021 facelift car now has more advanced technology than the Model 3. Model S cars with similar technology do tend to be more expensive than the Model 3, and the Model 3 is the more agile car, but the Model S, especially with the 100kwh battery packs used since 2017 are surprisingly quick and great cross coutnry cruisers with a more refined suspension.The Model Y offers a lot more practicality over the Model 3 for relatively little extra money. It's hard to argue for the Model 3 if space is important, it is more nimble to drive and arguably looks better, and the slightly smaller footprint will be to some people preference, otherwise the Model Y is the better car. If buying used, the Model 3 does start considerably cheaper than the Model Y which would also sway some people towards it.The Model X is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the Model 3 being bigger, heavier and more expensive. It's hard to imagine potential Model 3 buyers would consider a Model X.

The Model 3 is a medium sized sedan/saloon and as such has relatively few direct competitors in the EV space as other EV's at this price point tend to have a hatch back. If we use a slightly more liberal interpretation of the model type, the obvious contenders are the Ford Mach E and Polestar 2 and from 2022 cars such as the BMW i4 which combines the performance needed to match the Tesla, and with a step up in refinement and luxury. People are still often drawn to Tesla for the supercharging network although in Europe this is increasingly being made available to other makes of EV, and with the longer range these cars offer, public charging is often only needed when in a long trip.

The Model 3 is widely available as new, nearly new or used cars, and we've a guide to saving money buying a Tesla which covers the different choices in more detail. The key differences in summary however are:Buying new means you get a factory fresh car and the latest hardware. The 2021 saw a number of changes including the addition of a heat pump, heated steering wheel and in some countries, changes to the battery. These cars are most noticeable by the dechromed look. Further changes came in 2022 with the change in processor and more battery changes.New ex-demo cars. Tesla often sells it's ex demo cars as New, these cars are typically slightly older models and may be the previous model year. These still offer good value with fresh warranty and usually have a reasonable discount over brand new.Tesla CPO/Used. Tesla don't like to call it CPO but to all intents and purposes it is. You can't see the car before purchase, and the sales process can take a while, but you get an extra years warranty. The prices can often be very competitive. We have a guide on buying a used car from TeslaBuying from a dealer. Very similar to buying any other car but many dealers have no idea what they are selling and list the cars very badly. We've guides mentioned below which help you determine what features a car has.Private sale. This can be a good option especially if buying a one owner car that's about 1-2 years old. The car will typically have warranty unless mileage exempt and the owner will be knowledgeable and very likely willing to offer great advice.History of changesThe Model 3 had a soft facelift in 2021 as mentioned above.

The most significant update would be the 2021 model year which made a number of fairly substantial technical changes plus the notable change to the car trim:new centre consoledark window trim instead of the chromeintroduced the heat pump previously seen on the Model Yadded a heated steering wheel (to LR and P models, and later the SR+)changes to the front door cards carrying the dash accent onto the doorlaminated front side windows, although this appears to make no difference to the sound insulationbattery size changes although these vary by country

The changes did not all occur at the same time, 2021 model year cars delivered at the end of 2020 may not have all the changes listed. The Made in China LR models still seem to ship with the slightly smaller battery which are sold into right hand drive countries. For a full list of the changes and in which year see our guide to Tesla model 3 history and changes over time.

At launch Tesla promised the $35k car which was the standard range, however few cars were delivered in this spec. In some countries compliance cars were made to meet regulatory targets and these are similar to standard range cars and are striped down and reduced feature cars. The Standard Range Plus, Medium range, long range and performance cars followed with a combination of rear wheel drive and all wheel drive specs. The Long Range and Performance models were full premium specification with rear heated seats and higher spec sound systems and the larger battery also means it can charge slightly faster. We generally advocate larger batteries, but for a entry level car especially if primarily a local run around car, the SR+ model is perfectly viable for most.

The cars with the heat pumop fair better in the winter, and the LFP battery cars with their willingness to charge to 100% can use more of their quoted range in the the real world. Be very careful about car versions and country of manufacture. At times, and in 2021 this happened a lot, Tesla shipped cars with different sized batteries for the same model depending on where the car was made. Model 3 Long range from the US were shipped with the 82kwh BT42 battery but the models shipped from China had the smaller, 75kwh BT38 battery. Similar changes occured with the shift to the LFP battery in the SR+ in late 2020 and the Performance models coming to the UK which did not originally have the 2021 spec battery. These cars are not necessarily better or worse, but when looking at specifications and comparing cars it is worth recognising that a video of a M3P in America may not be the same as an M3P in your country, and if you have a choice of two cars in your country, checking the details may decide which you prefer.Which model?When buying new, the choices are now:The Standard Range+ or SR+, later becoming just "Model 3" or "Model 3 RWD".This is rear wheel drive only, has the smallest battery and some of the features are reduced such as the hifi and no heated steering wheel before 2021. It can also be bought with a tow bar. The battery in some regions changed to a different type which was happy to be charged to 100% on a regular basis and with the efficiency of a single motor design, the range with after the 2022 battery increase became close to the older Long Range cars.

This is probably the best value with more range, all wheel drive, heated steering wheel and top spec hifi and the option to buy the performance/acceleration boost which gives performance near to that of the Performance model, especially over 30mph. The wheels are also much more forgiving than the performance model if the roads in your area are not of great quality, and a smoother ride even if they are. It can also be bought with a tow bar.

We feel the Long Range offers the best value for money on older cars, although if looking at new, the RWD models are a great lower cost entry point. The performance of the LR model can be improved for relatively little money becoming virtually on a par with the M3 Performance, it can also be specified with a tow bar, and has all the features on offer such as heated steering wheels. If looking at older cars we are put off slightly by the SR+ as the specification of the car is lower thant he Long Range, although if budgets are tight, then these are probably the best entry level choice to Tesla ownership, preferable to the early Model S cars which are older and increasingly out of warranty.

Standard Range+ (or just "Model 3" from late 2021)BT35 which is the Panasonic 53kWh battery with 2170 NCA cells, coded 1/1CBT41 which is the Panasonic 55kWh battery with 2170L NCA cells, coded 1LBTF0 which is the CATL LFP55 55kWh battery with Prismatic LFP cells, coded 6CBTF1 which is the CATL LFP60 62kWh battery with Prismatic LFP cells, coded 6LLong Range and Performance modelsBT37 which is the Panasonic 53kWh battery with 2170 NCA cells, coded 1/1CBT38 which is the LG Chem M48 75kWh battery with 2170 NMC cells, coded 5/5CBT42 which is the Panasonic 82kWh battery with 2170L NCA cells, coded 3LBT43 which is the LG Chem M50 79kWh battery with 2170 NMC cells, coded 5L(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push();Each Tesla has a model code which is a combination of various factors including the battery. There are a surprising number of permutations which list in the table below. This is important the model code is relatively easy to find in MyTesla just by looking at the image link of the car. From this model code you then determine the battery code and using the table above the alternative battery code if you so wish. 041b061a72


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