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Watch Monk S01E 10 1

The cause of the assassination attempt is revealed to connect directly back, at long last, to the person responsible for Trudy's murder: the corrupt Judge Ethan Rickover. When the attempts by the police to secure a cure for Monk's poisoning fail, Monk seems to resign himself to dying, and the episode ends with him watching a message Trudy left for him years ago.

Watch Monk S01E 10 1

The monk tells him that the stake they use to seal the wards is missing; therefore, the wards cannot be closed. Mia is told that Non-Royals are being evacuated in the next wave once all the Royals are out.

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Sharona, determined to enjoy her vacation, is prepared to forget about the whole incident. She reveals to Monk and Benjy that she has already made a friend - a man she has a date to play tennis with later. As Benjy and Monk watch them play from across the yard, Benjy wonders aloud why Sharona is letting the man win. Monk tells him confidently that he'll understand when he's older - and when he does, he should explain it to Monk.

But you could have watched Monk for years without ever thinking much about poor dead Trudy (Melora Hardin). This was a series that put its OCD-eccentric detective first. If Tony Shalhoub's Monk came out of a TV tradition of bumbling brilliant men such as Peter Falk's Columbo, he started a trend for cable-TV "character" crime-solvers that continued into the present day on everything from The Closer to Psych.

The series ended with a montage of the sort of slapstick moments that reminded me why I didn't watch Monk much after its first few seasons. Randy Newman, who recorded the show's theme song, provided a pretty, rueful closing-credits tune that said, "I think you're gonna miss me when I'm gone."

So I watched the final episode and then the first episode and noticed a very interesting thing. In the first episode, Monk is investigating a murder and continues to worry that he left the gas to his stove on at his house. In the final episode, as he and Natalie were leaving the house at the end he told her that he had to check the gas on the stove to make sure it was off before they left.

Each episode focuses on a different, wild case, although the series is connected by Monk overcoming his issues, solving his wife's murder, and his relationships with his friends and coworkers. Fans adored the series because Monk is such a complex but funny and lovable character, as well as the intricate mysteries and the many humorous moments. It's the perfect cozy binge-watch for both "Monk" newbies and diehard fans looking forward to a rewatch. 041b061a72


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