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Shadow Fight 4: Arena - Choose Your Fighter and Dominate the Arena

Shadow Fight 4: Arena - A New Multiplayer Fighting Game

If you are a fan of fighting games, you might have heard of the popular Shadow Fight series by Nekki. The latest installment, Shadow Fight 4: Arena, is a free online 3D fighting game that lets you create a dream team of 3 fighters and compete against other players or AI opponents. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this exciting game, from its features and gameplay to its modes and tips.

What is Shadow Fight 4: Arena?

The sequel of Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 4: Arena is the sequel of Shadow Fight 3, which was released in 2017. Shadow Fight 3 introduced a new setting and storyline to the series, as well as improved graphics and animations. Shadow Fight 4: Arena continues the story of Shadow Fight 3, but focuses more on the multiplayer aspect of the game. You can still enjoy the PvE story mode, but you can also fight against other players in real-time or challenge your friends to a duel.

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The features of Shadow Fight 4: Arena

Immersive 3D graphics and easy controls

One of the best things about Shadow Fight 4: Arena is its realistic 3D graphics and animations that immerse you right into the epic combat action. The game also has easy controls that let you control your hero like in classical fighting games. You can use simple gestures to move, attack, block, dodge, and use special abilities. You can also customize your controls according to your preference.

PvE story mode and fun multiplayer battles

Shadow Fight 4: Arena has a PvE story mode that lets you fight against AI opponents and learn more about the heroes and their stories. The story mode also gives you rewards and unlocks new heroes for you to use. If you want to have more fun, you can also join the multiplayer battles and fight against other players online. You can choose between 2 player PVP combats or brawl for fun with friends. You can also play offline against advanced, machine-learning bots if you want to practice your skills.

Epic heroes and hero talents

Shadow Fight 4: Arena has a roster of epic heroes that you can collect and upgrade. Each hero has unique abilities that interact with each other and can be leveled up. You can choose from warriors, samurai, ninja, and more. You can also unlock cool ninja talents for each hero that give them extra advantages in battle. You can choose the right fighter to counteract the enemy's tactic and win the battle.

Battle Pass and cosmetic items

Shadow Fight 4: Arena also has a Battle Pass system that gives you free chests and coins for winning battles. You can also subscribe to get access to premium cosmetic items, such as hero skins, emotes, taunts, stances, and moves. You can use these items to customize your hero's appearance and express yourself in the game.

How to play Shadow Fight 4: Arena?

<h Choose your team of 3 fighters

Before you start a battle, you need to choose your team of 3 fighters from the heroes you have unlocked. You can see the stats and abilities of each hero by tapping on them. You can also change their skins and talents if you want. You can switch between your fighters during the battle, so make sure you choose a balanced team that can handle different situations.

Control your hero like in classical fighting games

Once you enter the battle, you can control your hero like in classical fighting games. You can use the joystick on the left side of the screen to move your hero left or right. You can also use the buttons on the right side of the screen to attack, block, dodge, and use abilities. You can tap, swipe, or hold the buttons to perform different actions. For example, you can tap the attack button to do a quick punch, swipe it to do a kick, or hold it to charge a powerful strike. You can also combine different buttons to do combos and special moves.

Use your abilities and talents wisely

Each hero has four abilities that can be used in battle. These abilities are shown on the top of the screen and have a cooldown time after each use. You can tap on an ability icon to activate it and unleash its effect. For example, some abilities can heal you, stun the enemy, or deal extra damage. You can also use your ninja talents to gain an edge in battle. These talents are passive effects that are activated when certain conditions are met. For example, some talents can increase your speed, defense, or critical chance.

Win the battle by defeating all the opponent's heroes

The goal of the battle is to defeat all the opponent's heroes before they defeat yours. Each hero has a health bar that shows how much damage they can take before they are knocked out. You can switch between your heroes by tapping on their portraits on the bottom of the screen. You can also see the health bars of the enemy's heroes on the top of the screen. You can use different strategies and tactics to win the battle, such as focusing on one hero at a time, using abilities at the right moment, or exploiting the enemy's weaknesses.

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What are the modes of Shadow Fight 4: Arena?

Ranked mode - fight against other players online

If you want to test your skills and rank up in Shadow Fight 4: Arena, you can play in ranked mode. This mode matches you with other players online who have a similar skill level as you. You can earn trophies for winning battles and lose trophies for losing battles. The more trophies you have, the higher your rank will be. You can also get rewards for reaching certain ranks, such as chests, coins, and gems.

AI mode - practice with smart bots offline

If you want to practice your skills and learn new tricks, you can play in AI mode. This mode lets you fight against smart bots offline who have different difficulty levels. You can choose from easy, normal, hard, or insane bots. You can also choose which heroes you want to fight against and which map you want to play on. You can earn coins for winning battles in AI mode.

VS Friend mode - challenge your friends to a duel

If you want to have fun with your friends and show off your skills, you can play in VS Friend mode. This mode lets you challenge your friends to a duel online or offline. You can invite your friends by sending them a code or scanning their QR code. You can also chat with your friends before and after the battle. You can earn coins and chests for winning battles in VS Friend mode.

Events mode - test your skills with unique rules and rewards

If you want to try something new and exciting, you can play in Events mode. This mode lets you participate in special events that have unique rules and rewards. For example, some events may limit your hero selection, change your abilities, or modify the map conditions. You can earn event points for winning battles in Events mode and exchange them for exclusive items in the event shop.

Stories mode - explore new locations and fight hard bosses

If you want to enjoy the story and lore of Shadow Fight 4: Arena, you can play in Stories mode. This mode lets you explore new locations and fight hard bosses that are related to the main plot of the game. You can unlock new chapters and episodes as you progress through the game. You can earn story points for completing missions in Stories mode and use them to upgrade your heroes.

Conclusion and FAQs

Shadow Fight 4: Arena is a new p>Shadow Fight 4: Arena is a new multiplayer fighting game that offers a lot of fun and action for fans of the genre. You can create your own team of 3 fighters and compete against other players or AI opponents in various modes. You can also customize your heroes with skins, talents, and abilities. You can enjoy the immersive 3D graphics and easy controls that make the game accessible and engaging. If you are looking for a new fighting game to play, you should definitely give Shadow Fight 4: Arena a try.

Here are some FAQs that you might have about the game:

  • Q: When will Shadow Fight 4: Arena be released?

A: Shadow Fight 4: Arena is expected to be released in late 2023 for Android and iOS devices. You can pre-register for


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