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Charles Foster

How to Create a Stunning Blog with Premium Grid view Blogger Template

on my site, i use the blogger template on the second of 2 screens. i use the grid for images all the way to the right and across the bottom. i also include a footer for the site, a header above that, and a sign-up area below the grid. i often include blank space above and below the grid with a navigation link to the main site content.

Premium Grid view Blogger Template

the grid is a crucial component to any site that includes photos, images, or any other type of content. this grid packs a lot of them in a small area and it makes showcasing your content simple. the grid manages to maintain a clean look that doesnt break up the main content of your site. however, there are a few issues that you may want to consider if youre planning to use the grid in a unique way. the grid is pretty basic in terms of its appearance, meaning you willnt be able to control your content very well. it can also be hard to add a lot of cool or original content to the grid, since it maintains a fixed width layout.

as is the case with a lot of design software out there, i would say the free version of this plugin is fine for most people. for the most part, its a pretty powerful tool that can do a lot of things. its the sort of plugin that you can easily take for a spin, and it does a great job of showcasing your projects. if you want to make a dramatic change to your grids, then youll need to upgrade and pay for the premium version. although the free version allows you to use up to 25 columns in a grid, the pro version allows you to create as many as 100 columns.

ive seen it mentioned in a few places, and i think it should be noted that if you use the free version of this grid, and then try and upgrade to the pro version, your old/original grid will be removed. basically, if you purchased the free version and then upgrade to the pro version, you will lose your grid.


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