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Tandy Deskmate Download [PORTABLE]

Fortunately, the original Tandy 1000 operating system is online for download. Again it is still under copyright, and though unlikely, a copyright holder may decide to re-enforce that commercial ownership in the future.

Tandy Deskmate Download

In the PCem directory, create a subdirectory to store the Tandy 1000 operating system. I use C:\PCemV12Win\floppy\tandy\. Extract to the directory, inside you will find two .DSK files and a README.TXT.

Well i suppose the tandy bios had some character table at a fixedlocation or something, and the prog reads this one (crap in dosbox).Regular int10 should work, uses the "correct" tables.But as i said i didn't delve too deep into it as far as i remember.

That was me ?Tandy roms seem to have font tables in their very high area, at a differentlocation than the pcjr (dosbox has neither, but uses the graphics rom).You can't really use a debug script or something, but would need torecompile dosbox (well after adding some loader for the tandy rom,which should be quite easy if it's just for the font).

The fonts in the rom don't seem to be the cause, but there's a call toint10/ah=10 which seems to be different on tandy2000 from the regularvga definition. They are copying entries from the font tables using thisinterrupt call.Maybe the tandy1000 behaves the same, or the tandy detection ofdeskmate identifies the dosbox tandy emulation wrongly as tandy2000or so.

Tandy 1000 sl manualTandy 1000 sl pdf user manuals. 1000 desktop pdf manual download. view and download tandy 1000 user manual online. the 1000 sl doesn' t come with a monitor, but tandy sometimes offers a discount on its cm- 5 or cm- 11 color monitor when you bundle it with a computer. tandy 1000- series faq, v1. 1000 sl desktop pdf manual download. view and download tandy 1000 sl technical reference manual online.

view and download tandy 1000 sl technical reference manual online. zip ( 6, 612, 856 bytes) a guide to the tandy 1000, deskmate tutorial & reference, basic reference for original 1000. view and download tandy 1000 technical reference manual online. the cm- 11 displays great hi- res graphics, and the cm- 5 offers super color as well- both support tandy' s 16- color palette. i reviewed the sl with the cm- 11, and i have a cm- 5 at home. view online or download tandy 1000 sl technical reference manual. zip ( 6, 328, 051 bytes) tandy 1000 programmer' s reference manual, covers tandy 1000 sl manual dos and bios calls and other information for programming the 1000 in assembler.


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