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Mike Farabow

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the shadow dragon saga takes place in the earth. after the z fighters left earth after the defeat of frieza, they went into hiding and were eventually reunited by the earth's guardian, goku, who was killed by cell. goku then reunited with his friends. afterward, he was chosen as the successor to the dragon balls, and so he was training to be the strongest.

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the z fighters were a group of earthlings who once lived in peace and harmony. however, their world was forever changed by the evil tyrant frieza, who sought to take over earth. with the power of the red planet and the power of the black hole, frieza's evil minions destroyed the dragon balls, causing them to crack. the group's leader, goku, was killed by cell before he could get the dragon balls, and his friends were left without power and forced to hide in the mountains.

the dragon balls were created by zenon, the guardian of time, and the king of all countries of the dragon. they were stolen by the evil wizard muten roshi, who then hid them in the world of the living. when they cracked, they released the shadow dragon, black smoke shenron, who came out from the ball and gave birth to the 7 dragons. each dragon takes a form of one of the 7 dragon balls.

cell became the strongest of the frieza's minions. he was the one who destroyed the dragon balls, causing them to crack. he became a king. however, he was not a good king. he was evil. and he wanted to rule the world. he was really evil. so cell had these powers. and he had a planet, called planet namek. he used his powers to turn the entire planet into a desert. and the earthlings have to live on planet namek. cell was killed by vegeta. vegeta became the strongest of the saiyans.


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