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Mike Farabow
Mike Farabow

DJ Brad Smith - Supercharge

With or without saddlebags, GMS Racing Engines Xtreme Outlaw no-bar bikes use power adders such as nitrous, turbos and superchargers to push the limits of street tires, aluminum, steel, and any fuel but nitro or propylene oxide in American-made V-Twin engines.

DJ Brad Smith - Supercharge

Demon Records are delighted to announce the release of Haircut 100% Live! Hammersmith Odeon Spring 1982 for Record Store Day 2023, released with full co-operation of the band. Haircut 100% Live! Hammersmith Odeon Spring 1982 is an in-concert album that highlights the group at the summit of their powers high speed funk, to-die for pop and sweet melodies against the backdrop of Haircutmania. No overdubs and the high-octane energy of youth. The group moved from being London underground darlings to chart sensations in less than six months, and within a year had disappeared into pops ether, leaving behind one memorable album and four Top 10 UK singles, but many have said that the real way to experience the power of the Haircuts was to see them play live.

Pressed on zinging translucent red vinyl, Haircut 100% Live! Hammersmith Odeon Spring 1982 is an absolute must for all fans of frenetic funky fabulous melodic pop. This recently unearthed recording was part of the acclaimed Pelican West 40 CD set.

It includes their cover version of set opener Low Rider by War, where the group all appeared on stage one-by-one. Inner bag contains snapshots taken at the Hammersmith gig and after show on 1 April 1982 from guitarist Graham Jones personal archive. Mastered by Phil Kinrade at AIR Mastering.

The track impeccably melds high-brow lyricism with The Purists dusty, lo-fi production, making this a treat for true school rap aficionados. The track is taken for the pairs well received full length effort, White Girl Wasted, which in addition to the Brighton-based beatsmith, gloats production by the likes of the legendary DJ Premier and Madlib.

The legacy of "Walk This Way" is well-documented to the point of obscuring just how great the rest of Raising Hell has always been. The song's success resurrected the careers of Aerosmith after a down period during which the legendary Boston rockers almost disbanded altogether. Guitarist Joe Perry left Aerosmith in 1979, as frontman Steven Tyler descended into heroin addiction. Perry (and guitarist Brad Whitford) rejoined in 1984, but it hadn't restored the band's fortunes. Their 1985 album Done With Mirrors barely went gold, but the band collaborating with Run-D.M.C. sparked renewed interest in their music. Tyler and several other band members completed successful rehab stints, Aerosmith experienced a major career resurgence that would aid their career well into the 2000s.

Nawaz is a terrible wanna-be-anchor whose staccato, machine gun delivery is at least off-putting and disrupts the kind of calm insight Woodruff has brought for years. If Nawaz takes Judy's seat you have lost my viewership and membership as well as those of my circle of friends who share my dislike. I am amazed that someone hasn't taken her aside and retrained her from her network supercharged delivery--she bounces in her seat!!. I would appreciate a response as I have written you all several times and have received NADA. 041b061a72


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